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Radar Motion Activated Dusk to Dawn Light for Stairway. Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb for maximize energy saving

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Radar Motion Activated Dusk to Dawn Light for Stairway, Hallway, Porch, Garage, Driveway, Patio.
(Please note these senses through walls, may not be suitable for rooms.  It activates for 3 minutes and goes off after initialization).  This gadget is recommended by our Spy Unit.

  • Radar Motion Sensor: Benefit from the intelligent 4.0GHz radar technologies, The motion sensor light bulb has a broader detection range than the passive infrared (PIR) sensor light bulb which up to 20 feet and provides the 360 degree angle for precision movement identification. The 5000K daylight motion sensor bulb will auto turn ON once movement is detected at night and automatically switch OFF 17 seconds after nothing is detected by the motion sensor.
  • Dusk to Dawn Light Bulb: For maximize energy saving, The Photocell sensor controls the 100w motion light bulbs stay OFF at daytime until the movement is detected at night.
  • Premium Quality and More Powerful: 25000 hours lifespan allow the E26 motion sensor led light bulb running many years if it is used 3 hours a day.15W led light bulb perfect for replacing the traditional 100W Incandescent bulb and using up to 85% less energy. Also, 1500LM brightness provides brighter and wider spread light throughout your home to keep your family safe.
    Wide Application: The radar motion detector light bulb widely used corridors, channel, patio, warehouse, bathroom, toilet, basement, stairway, hallway, porch, garage, driveway.
  • Please keep the power on and turn on at all times. Do not use this motion sensor bulbs with a switch with touch sensor,infrared sensor,voice and light control functions.When turning on the switch in the daytime,the bulb will be turned on, this is normal, after about 17s,the bulb will work normally,also,please remember to leave the switch on.

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